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Once we invited the weirdo to the party, it was liberating for him." Seth Rogen says, "On paper, he's the douchiest human being on the planet, but as soon as you meet him, he's very disarming.He's almost embarrassed by what you assume he's like.Ahna OReilly Tribute is a blog devoted entirely to the actress Ahna O 'Reilly. Here you will find all the news of the actress, photo, scoop, info, Gif, Video ,ect ...

"It's a total filmmaking class: In the fall, the writing students come up with a concept, and in the spring, I take over and we shoot it." The premise of would require," Franco says, "and because the idea of having inmates putting on a play opens up all sorts of unconventional casting possibilities, and you get all this crazy shit outside of the play." is an unmistakably shoestring production."There's an 11-year-old that's still in him, playing make-believe and having a great time," says Green."I think he's a very eccentric guy who was asked to be really handsome for a long time; to present himself as something he wasn't.the day after the mansion shoot, Franco arrives at the Fox lot, in Century City, to work on one of the 15-odd projects currently listed for 2016 release on his IMDb page.This one, due in December, is a Christmas comedy co-starring Bryan Cranston titled ," Franco explains.

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