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I got a job at a Toyota dealership as car sales is a meritocracy — they don’t care your educational background or job experience, they only care if you can sell cars.

If you can’t, you don’t survive and they lose nothing for having you there.

For more information about this, read this article: Dealing with Critics of Scientology – The L.

(Australia) "I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for maintaining the Hodgson Clan website.

They put them on the cover of Celebrity magazine and bow down to them at their big events.

The celebrities hand over a lot of cash and are in turn are treated like royalty. Paul is constantly writing and does more real humanitarian work than all of scientology combined.

I have family trees on I am looking for missing links in my family tree.

My father passed away in 1975 in New South Wales, Australia. His fathers name is Charles Arthur Hodgson, from Leeds, who married Eva Adelaide Surtees from Lanchester.

You are NOT applying scientology correctly in order to make more money. Ron Hubbard, scientology has the answers to ALL OF LIFE.

There seems to be no record of him before his marriage in 1833 to Jane Cape in Gretna Green. I have been researching my Hodgson family for some years and recently found a diary of John Hodgson, born 16 March 1779, died 14 August 1858.

It states his sister lived in Heighington, near Darlington, County Durham, UK, and that his mother went out riding at Piercebridge on the Colonels farm. James OCallaghan MP, who was a friend of Hodgson and godfather to his son James Stewart Hodgson, who became a partner of Barings and a governor of the Bank of England.

Of course, this approach also bleeds into scientology’s public relations efforts too.

Miscavige and the church revel in taking credit for Narconon “salvaging the world from drugs” and running the “most effective drug rehab pgm on earth thanks to LRH tech” — until there is a flap.

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