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They communicate on the Net with only their families and that is it.My Cousin works on Atlantis and this is where my scammer said he was. When I told him oh my cousin works there I will ask him, he said oh he left and never got no pay cause he did much damage on it. Then last night I found another picture of another man in the exact same office, So funny and three other names.I reported them to Facebook as I knew the real man and they did take down one of the accounts but not the other two. He has a Son who is 10 years old and sent me the picture with him, and his sons name is Dave. He said that he is really scared of some ladies in the internet as he is new online and registered a weeks ago, and so far his experiences is terrible. He then said he loved me the way I am, and really didn't know how to make me understand how important I am for him right now. Well what can I add that’s not already been said?!?!In the meantime, Danny Waltha, who actually had a Facebook profile disappeared. He said I am sorry to ask you this question how much are you paid in your job? My extremely charming single father who’d been cheated on and left with his 3 yr old daughter following the death of his girlfriend from childbirth.I was scammed by an oil rig engineer for 0 andhe introduced me to a fake FBI who had scammed me for over 00. So I want to report to the FBI office but they told me to file a complaint with the IC3 website. He also wants moneygrams and yes he told me to come off Facebook and that I shouldn't tell anyone about us as they will only be jealous of us. It's very weird but I dont trust anyone now so I think am safe.However, I receive no response from IC3 after my report. Ladies, be careful, scammers are writing to us every day. He said he was coming to get me before Christmas and then new year and then it was 15 of Jan 2018 then it was going to be the 1st of Feb now it's the 14th of Feb. I know he is a scammer but I feel I'm in love with him. Be careful as there are a lot of different names, jenny Be careful. I never lost any money because I read the stories here, and I was not heartbroken because I thought it was too good to be true.

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The oil rig scammer I wrote about here was Charles Bothmann, and I have reported him and his mules to the FBI.

He had no other close living relatives, as his mom had passed away and his sibling and father died in a car accident many years ago.

He was widowed, an oil engineer & had made a very good life for himself financially.

He is a 57 year old with broken English from Boston Massachusetts.

First off they are not allowed to have phones on the Rigs, just to take pictures not to call.

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