Nexus s weather widget not updating dating rocks with uranium 238

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Anyone have a flip clock widget (ala HTC Sense clock), preferably with weather that will work with the Droid X and GB? Analog clocks seem to work, so my guess it's some sort of update/refresh service in GB is not working correctly.There are plenty of fantastic apps available and ready for download like games, weather apps, health related apps, email apps, etc.. Since this issue occurs right after the update, then we are confident that some files are corrupted during the process.We will avoid the possibilities of bricking your device in the process, if the issue still remains after we then we recommend you bring it to the nearest local service center. The only thing that has changed since I last used on 24/1/17 is I have changed mobile provider from Optus to Telstra.The weather app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) has stop working. You can try clearing the cache and data of the app and then proceed on wiping the system cache partition if the issue remained. If this is a minor system glitch then it can be fixed easily and can be avoided in the future.

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We'll have more in-depth analysis on the improved News & Weather app and widgets soon.

Thanks This issue is common among Samsung Galaxy S6 to S7 Edge owners.

Since you mentioned that you can play anywhere but facebook.

Update: An update to the News & Weather app posted yesterday, September 8th, seems to have fixed some of the compatibility errors people have been seeing.

At least here in the United States, the app is compatible with every Android 4.0 device for all of our writers.

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