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Our 4 main characters are ugly and stupid, and you are going to follow them as they somehow get themselves into a house full of psycho killers.These killers enjoy playing with people's faces, What's going on in this film? Kind of a rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre if you ask me.

Director: Pascal Laugier A story of a girl who knows one side of the story, and has to make some choices as to whether to help her best friend kill for revenge. and I can't ruin the second half of the film for you, but let's just say that if you can't stand viewing a woman being beaten and worse, don't watch this.This film will make you uncomfortable going number 2 for days after.In this tale, that some say is the product of a sick mind, we meet two typical American female tourists as they get a flat tire in Germany and start to wander off into the woods looking for help.Yes, he may have been prepping for maybe two weeks, but I think I would know if my wall had a bed of spikes on it after a week, right?ending where you don't get the same type of joy Hostel left you with.

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