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Long term guest stars included John Slattery as Dennis Martino and Sabrina Lloyd as Frankie Hector.The show was created by executive producers Jon Beckerman and Rob Burnett.The only other actor besides "Ed's" star Tom Cavanaugh that I have seen mumble is Vincent Young (who is at least sort of "classic" and may as well have played "Ed" since Cavanaugh's acting skills are no better) and critics are mean to him!Nevertheless, literal boredom and the knowledge that John Slattery, an actor I sort of like, had a recurring role led me to attempt a second viewing of "Ed." Sometimes shows improve in their second season. Tom Cavanaugh still has his little mumbling problem(I thought Ed Stevens was Ed SIMMS, and that is not even CLOSE to being the only time I misunderstood him)and most of the other cast members seem to have it too!Ed is an NBC television program co-produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants Incorporated, NBC Productions, Viacom Productions, and Paramount Television that aired from 2000 to 2004.The hour-long comedy-drama starred Tom Cavanagh as Edward Jeremy Stevens, the protagonist, Julie Bowen as his love interest Carol Phyllis Vessey, Josh Randall as his friend Dr.I also remember ' Ed' mumbling a lot, making him hard to understand, and from what I could decipher, spouting a bunch of cutesy dialogue.I didn't really care for what I saw, in other words, and turned it soon, wondering why critics make such a big fuss was about the show and its star.

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I like Letterman, but I had no idea the writers could reach this high.David Letterman is also credited as one of the show's executive producers.Ed received casting, writing, and directing Emmy nominations in 2001. Because almost every one of us who were boys in school can identify.Suggestion to the production team, LOOP the dialogue!!!If it already is, get a dialogue coach or something for the actors and also tell them to speak....slowly.

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